What timber do we use?
Anything from local to imported timber. (See Boral website for examples)
Where can the timber be purchased?
Through Aspect, generally via Bosch or Boral
What laying methods does Aspect use?
Call and ask
Does Aspect handle every step in the process?
Yes, we can provide all the services required to create your new floor.
What products does Aspect use?
We use top of the line products from Selleys, Sika, Bostik, Bona and Lowbar for a quality finish.
Do you have to vacate the house?
Yes, for the sanding process.
Do you need to move all furniture?
Yes, but window dressings are usually fine
Do you have to prepare the floor?
No, Aspect can provide this service for you
Can Aspect fix damaged floors?
Yes, call for a quote
What about gaps and nail holes?
These will be filled prior to the polish being applied.
What about all the rubbish?
Rubbish will be removed free of charge.
Will there be much dust?
There will be minimal dust – we will do any clean up required before we leave.
How long before the floors will need a re-coat?
This depends on how much traffic they receive and the finish that is chosen. Ask for more details.
When building a new house or renovating, is there a specific time the floors are done?
Floor installation should be one of the last trades to come in. Generally just prior to the painter is the best time, but it doesn’t really matter as long as all due care is taken.
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